I am Saree. I don't have to wear you anymore! :)

Source: https://www.hindustantimes.com/other-sports/india-to-dump-sari-for-trousers-at-2018-commonwealth-games-opening-ceremony/story-KovzTOcEceqh76jwqxmSVM.html

This Commonwealth games, the Indian Olympics Association has been gracious enough to free Indian women from the lopsided responsibility of being "traditional" and wearing traditional attire. The women in the Indian contingent are going to adopt trousers and blazers for this Commonwealth.

It is a good move indeed, considering that Sarees are uncomfortable for such events. I am happy for ourselves, that at least something has turned progressive at least in the last few years.

But is this the only thing to talk about when it comes to women at the Commonwealth games?

I was researching content on the Commonwealth games. I had some ideas for blogging and turned to google to give me some leads. I needed to learn more about women athletes, so I searched for "Indian women athletes commonwealth games".

Google gave me this:

This is not the only bit. I went down through 4 of the pages on google. Out of the 38 articles, 17 were about the attire change, around 15 were generic pieces about the Indian contingent (Including wikipedia), and only 6 websites actually had some relevant content about Indian women sports persons that actually talked about their forte: sports. Even those 6 articles were somewhat lacking in detail.

I know it doesn't mean much and I don't mean to make a mountain of a molehill. But it just seems to me that we really don't know enough about our sports person, especially women.

When I commenced the research, I was thinking about putting together something on the top women athletes and maybe if there are any interesting stories of their hard work and passion to tell. But instead, I felt google got me nowhere.

Once again, I reiterate, its a great change for us, as India, being the now-conservative nation that we are. But still, it would have been great if the newspapers talked a little bit more profoundly of the glories and the toils, instead of what athletes would wear for the opening ceremony.

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