Commonwealth Games 2018: a quick look at the numbers


Before the Commonwealth games started, one of the headlines on news websites that caught my attention was the changeover from women wearing Saree in the contingent march past to wearing trousers. I was annoyed enough to write a piece on why the media should focus more on sports than focusing on what women wear.

Anyway, that ship sailed, and a lot of water has flown under the bridge since then. India did quite well in the games in Australia, finishing 3rd after Australia (1st) and England (2nd). Here are a few of the statistics from this CWG.

Overall we won 66 medals, 26 of which was gold, 20 silver and 20 bronze. Out of the 216 members who went for the game, 71 members returned with medals to their name. Which is a good 33% output.

Meanwhile, 32 of women returned home with medals and 39 men met with success. The proportion is a bit skewed towards men overall. But looking at the Gold medal count, the ratio is a bit better, with 12 gold medals to women and 14 to men.

Nevertheless, it was heartening to see our contingent perform so well at the games. We look forward to a very strong contingent in the summer olympics coming up in a couple of years.

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