Europa Bhowmik: If you haven't heard of her before, you must read this!


"When the going gets tough, the tough get going" - This is a popular proverb that holds so true for Europa.

Europa Bhowmik is a female body-builder from West Bengal. In August last year she made waves by winning the silver medal in the lightweight category of the Asian bodybuilding and physique sports competition. And she is still a teenager!

Her story goes back to her younger days in school when she was bullied around for being small. Like many kids, she was chubby and felt insecure. To cope with the emotional pressure and to improve herself, she tried dieting. But when she realized it was making her anorexic, she changed gears and changed to working out in the gym instead.

That's when she found something she really wanted to do: become a bodybuilder; going against all norms in India, going against what rest of youth flock towards. After a few years of hard work, this is the body she has attained:


From a petite teenager to someone you would not dare mess with:


Getting to the top is never easy. Europa has had to put in a lot of gym hours and maintained her diet throughout. Her diet during preparation involves a lot of meat protein. Its tough to build body without a protein rich diet. Also, it involves consuming supplements, especially whey protein. Usually gym goes opt for Optimum Nutrition Whey Powder, available on Amazon. It is available in unflavored and chocolate flavored versions. For the heavy users, you can click on the big jar below from the Amazon window.

We need more inspirational people like Europa, who dare to go off the beaten track, and set examples and give courage to others to follow. If you like her story, you can go follow her on instagram with the handle @girlgotgunz. She has 92k followers already.

India Sports Review would like to wish her all the best in her mission!

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